This blog is part of two research projects funded by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research:

The editors, Mira and Michiel, coordinate also two thematically-related projects involving a group of international scholars and practitioners – the ‘verticalisation of enforcement’ and ‘Investigatory powers and procedural safeguards: Improving OLAF’s legislative framework through a comparison with other EU law enforcement authorities’.

The Utrecht-based research team in this field includes a number of young and talented PhD researchers – Koen Bovend’Eerdt (supervised by Prof. Dr. Michiel Luchtman and Prof. Dr. John Vervaele), Joske Graat (supervised by Dr. Ton van den Brink, Prof. Dr. Luchtman and Prof. Dr. Sybe de Vries) and Argyro Karagianni (supervised by Prof. Dr. Michiel Luchtman and Prof. Dr. Rob van Widdershoven); scholars and practitioners of Renforce, including such members of its steering committee as Prof. Dr. Linda Senden and Dr. Michele Simonato, and Dean of the Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance Prof. Dr. Annetje Ottow.


Via this blog, we aim to establish a central point of information for and discussion of the mentioned issues between all the interested parties, including EU and national policy makers, judges, private actors (companies and their lawyers), civil society groups, and academics.

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