This is the central point of information, research and discussion of the issues concerning enforcement of EU laws and policies. Every month, an expert in the field of EU law enforcement shares his or her knowledge and research via a blogpost. Furthermore, this website provides a publication list of books and articles regarding the enforcement of EU law.

This platform supports the ‘Verticalization of Enforcement’ project (RENFORCE – Utrecht Centre for Regulation and Enforcement in Europe), in which the programme coordinators Miroslava (Mira) Scholten and Michiel Luchtman both execute research projects funded by The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research:

These projects bring together a network of experts from a variety of backgrounds – 16 different universities, both European and national public institutions, and the private sector. A list of the members of our network can be found here.

You are welcome to contact the coordinators of this project, Mira Scholten and Michiel Luchtman, if you have a related publication or opinion.